DB Embroidery Solutions has over 20 years of embroidery experience. We have done countless number of patches for the Canadian Forces, UN Nato, and other military branches around the world. We have decorated miscellaneous sports team jerseys, decorated both corporate and sportive clothing and created custom bags and banners. And we continue to dedicate our time in producing professional, innovative and creative products for our clients.

DB Embroidery specializes in digitizing and creating patches, custom and direct embroidery but we are also experts in: Custom sewing, fixing and the making of bags, Laser engraving, Stickers, Thermal transfers on clothing and more. Furthermore, we offer the following services: digital printing, embroidery, screen-printing, and 32 bit colour processing. We do everything embroidery and more!

Beautiful products, that’s what we can do for you.

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DB Embroidery Team